Concilium Equip

"Discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you." - Proverbs 2:11


1: to cause to become less harsh or hostile,
2: to make less severe or painful

Every Concilium Equip course begins by establishing a Biblical foundation by which faith based workers are to be trained in personal security. The foundation is called “Security in
the Context of Ministry (SICM). SICM begins with a cornerstone of theology of risk which rights the foundation in both a theological and practical nature.

Built upon the SICM foundation are the core safety and security principles that are universal to all of Concilium’s training. These key principles impact every faith based worker, regardless of their location or ministry.

With this common foundation, Concilium can them focus training on the various threats and other challenges associated with ministry specific to the CAST, RACE, and HEAT programs. Likewise, throughout Concilium’s different programs the crimson thread of the gospel is woven, maintaining Concilium’s the Gospel as the highest value and the safety of God’s people as the highest priority. The goal of all of Concilium’s training is to help
Christians understand that Great Commission requires risk, and that God has defined a process for gauging and mitigating risk in through His word, the Bible.

We currently offer the following
training courses and programs

Travel Safety Orientation

Comprehensive Awareness Security Training

Comprehensive Awareness Security Training - Field Security Course

Restricted Access Complex Engagement

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Crisis Management Foundations

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