CAST-Field Security Course is a 3.5-day course that includes the entire CAST Program and integrates hands-on field training and immersion role play scenarios. A modified 3-day version of the CAST-FSC features all modules except the 10-hour immersion experience. CAST-FSC provides primary safety, security, and crisis resilience skills for individuals and teams in the field, including team members, spouses, adolescents, and mature children. In addition to interactive classroom training, CAST-FSC adds hands-on experiential learning through stress inoculation role play. Through this program, students learn and practice ethical decision making while under duress.

Course Modules:

  • Understanding Theology of Risk
  • Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry
  • Identification and Abatement of Personal Threat
  • Safe Travel Abroad
  • Electronic OPSEC
  • Hostile Observation Awareness and Surveillance Detection Primer
  • Government Vehicle Checkpoints and Criminal Vehicle Ambush
  • Active Shooter Action Drills
  • Captivity Survival
  • 10-hour Government/Criminal Immersion Experience
  • Interviews, Screenings, and Interrogations
  • OODA, Accountability, and Ethical Decision Making While Under Duress (With Role Play)
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Weapons Familiarization and Safety Training (for purposes of rendering common weapons safe)