We hold the Gospel
as the highest value

Concilium offers risk management, security training, and safety guidance from a biblical perspective for Christian churches, ministries, and NGOs

About Concilium

Concilium provides leadership, training, and guidance to individuals, churches, ministries, and NGOs, promoting a biblical understanding of best practices in security, threat analysis, crisis management, member care resources, and networking through building connections in the public and private sectors, empowering the broader ministry of Christians around the world.

Concilium's Story

Concilium was co-founded by Scott Brawner, a former Army Ranger and pastor, and J.D. VerHoeven, a civilian analyst and disciple maker.

What started with two men, however, has grown into a truly global organization.

What our Clients say

“You have given us tools to take risks for the Gospel and to decrease our vulnerability. That kind of training empowers the Great Commission.”
CAST, Northern Mexico
“[Concilium’s] trainers don’t recite material; they speak from experience through the material. They can go off script and bring relevant stories with great application!”
CAST, Bosnia
“This is the only security training that really brings together the biblical rationale for security in missions.”

CAST, North Carolina