Word to the wise when it comes to security for churches and Christian organizations: never frame security as merely a program. Begin with the fact that security is a ministry; one ministry of many in the organization.

We can all agree that ministry programming is critical to ministry success. But if organizations don’t view security as a ministry, it can quickly become a stumbling block to the organization’s mission.  Instead, view security as a ministry under God’s authority. Use that ministry to empower and fulfill organization’s mission.

Seeing security as ministry will have a direct impact on the heart attitude of security workers in an organization. It will also have internal impact on the ethos of the organization and external impact on the perception/reputation of the organization.

Finally, if those serving in security for the organization don’t first see themselves as ministers before the Living God, pride can quickly set in. That pride can turn (what should be) an engaging ministry into an a sinful personal pursuit. This is one of the worst places a Christian security professionals can find themselves. When security becomes an idol, the Christian security practitioner mistakenly draws their significance from the work of ministry instead of the Lord. This attitude demands repentance.

Thus, the right heart and mindset for security ministry demonstrates to others a confident humility through Christian professionalism-and glorifies God in the process.