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Concilium is always seeking talented and dedicated individuals to join our team. We are committed to making a positive impact in the world by serving others and spreading the love of Christ through our various programs and initiatives.

If you are passionate about making building capacity and resilience in Gospel workers and want to work for an organization that aligns with your values, we invite you to apply for any current or future job opportunities with Concilium. We are looking for individuals who share our mission and are excited to contribute their skills and experience to help further our goals.


As a 501(c)3 religious non-profit whose clients are other 501(c)3 religious non-profits, Concilium derives much of its income from private donations. Full-time staff are required to raise a significant percentage of their income according to an established pay scale. Part-time staff may be paid hourly without the need to raise support as funds are available in their department’s budget.


The Regional Ministry Director (RMD) is responsible for overseeing the operations and growth of Concilium’s global regional ministry programs in order to build capacity and resilience into Gospel advance so others may hear and live.

The RMD will support Concilium’s mission and vision through catalytic action, the development of strategic relationships, and the stature of presence throughout the region. The RMD supervises regional employees, consultants, and other relationships as appropriate to advance of Concilium’s mission and vision. This includes supporting Concilium’s five-fold ministry of Training, Strategic Analysis, Crisis Management, Member Care, and International Relations, bringing Concilium’s ministry to both Christian expats as well as local believers. The RMD is also responsible for social engagement with local entities including (but not limited to) building relationships and rapport as well as securing strategic partnerships with foreign political, military, and church leaders in the public and private sectors in support of
Concilium’s endeavors in the broader region

The RMD supports the other global directors in their ministry and mission as Concilium
helps Christians of all ages around the world to serve the Lord with boldness, legitimacy, and
competence toward reaching every language, people, tribe, and nation with the Gospel.
Finally, as a RMD, this individual personally represents the President and Concilium in the
public and private sector as necessary. The purpose of which is to communicate externally the
vision, values and priorities of the President and Concilium.

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