What better way to launch 2020 than a new website and announcements of new Concilium ministries.

Concilium is growing!.  Since our start just six short years ago, Concilium has grown into a truly international ministry serving thousands annually. With resources and personnel located around the world, Concilium’s four-fold ministry provides:

But that’s just the beginning; Concilium is growing!

Concilium’s Mission is “to build capacity and resilience into Gospel advance so others may hear and live,” and Concilium’s Vision is “to see Christians of all ages engaged in serving the Lord with boldness, legitimacy, and competence.” I believe our Mission and Vision apply to ALL Christians, regardless of their physical location! It’s time for Concilium to do more than just call for prayer and intercession for persecuted Christians; we must SERVE them with the same Concilium resources that have helped secure and empower so many WCEs over the years. So, here is what’s coming in 2020:

Persecution Ministries.

What began as a ministry for Western Christian Expatriates (WCEs) has grown into a ministry for ALL Christians faithfully serving the Lord in the nations. Therefore, in 2020, Concilium is expanding its ministry to provide training and support for persecuted Christians across the 10/40 Window and around the world.

In 2020, Concilium will offer its training in Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Mongolian! The translation process has been a HUGE undertaking requiring much diligence and sacrifice. Stay tuned for more information on ways you can join with Concilium to serve persecuted Christians and help them build resilience into their ministries!

Dedicated Global Offices and Missionary Staff Commissioning.

Yes, you read that right, Concilium is commissioning MISSIONARIES TO THE NATIONS! In 2020, Concilium is set to open new offices in Africa and the Asia-Pacific Region. Concilium will be commissioning two families to live in the nations and lead our regional ministries. These families are raising support now and plan to deploy in mid-2020. Please support them!

Watchman Initiative. 

I have a vision to see a “Watchman” in every country of the 10/40 Window, whose ministry is to make disciples as they provide safety and security support and resourcing to Gospel workers, both local and expatriate. This is a HUGE undertaking and will take years to see come to fruition.

While some international ministries are large enough to afford full-time security personnel and programming, MOST ministries cannot. The Watchman Initiative is intended to provide godly security specialists who will bring the resources of Concilium to the nations. Concilium’s Watchmen will empower the voice and presence of the Gospel to reach every language, people, tribe and nation. To this end, Concilium will begin to mobilize, train, and disciple both men and women with a hot heart for the Gospel, a security mindset, and calling to go to the nations and serve both expatriate and local Gospel workers. I have no doubt that the Watchman Initiative will have a GREAT IMPACT on Gospel advance at a time when Christian persecution is at its highest in recorded history. More to come!

New Crisis Management Program.

Concilium’s crisis management program has gown significantly in recent years and has and has come into its own. I will have more to share on this in the future. But, for now, let’s just say that BIG THINGS are happening…

In closing, there is so much more that I would like to say. Let it suffice that Habakkuk 1:5 is being fulfilled as the GOOD NEWS is taken to the nations! Indeed, I look on in wonder and stand astounded at the goodness of our God, for He is doing a work in our days that is hard to believe. And the fact that the Lord has chosen to use Concilium in His great plans to bless His servants leaves me speechless.

But If Not!

Scott Brawner

Concilium President