Concilium is a religious, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, wholly committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We are dedicated to helping Christian missionaries, humanitarians, and other Gospel workers build stewardship and resilience into Great Commission obedience. Every year, Concilium equips, trains, and empowers Christian workers from around the world, empowering both the voice and presence of the Gospel to enter and remain in hard places.

Concilium supports Christian workers serving in a multitude of locations using multiple ministry paradigms. This requires Concilium to remain both adaptive and cutting edge as we meet the needs of our global partners through security best practices, global risk analysis, and member care resources.


Concilium was co-founded by Scott Brawner, a former Army Ranger, pastor, educator, and ministry mobilizer, and J.D. VerHoeven, a civilian analyst and disciple maker, organic to the mission sending community.

What started with two men, however, has grown into a truly global organization.


The Concilium team today has grown to include men and women from around the world. These are brothers and sisters in Christ who bring both their professional experience and their craft to serve the Kingdom with Concilium.

The Concilium team works diligently to provide world class services for our brothers and sisters in Christ both locally and globally. Taken together, no other organization provides Christian workers and their organizations critical security support, risk analysis, and resiliency resources.

Concilium’s Mission and Vision ensures that our ministry remains dedicated to Great Commission advance by protecting and empowering Christians on the mission field. Concilium does this by establishing the Gospel as our highest value and the safety of God’s people on mission as our highest priority.