I Shall Not Be Moved?

“I shall not be moved” is a courageous statement when applied to saving faith in Christ alone. However, it’s a fool’s errand when a similar mindset guides the philosophy of security and crisis management for Christian organizations.   Romans 12:2 really should have an impact on Christian leaders. That is to say, Christian leaders should […]

Should Missionaries use Self-Defense?

A missionary recently posed this question to me, and I’d like to share the discussion with you all, because I have a feeling that this may be on your mind too. How much should current action(s) be amended by future possibilities? If I legitimately defend my life, whether by fist or firearm, and I injure […]

A Christmas Challenge

I love wind.  I love to feel it on my face as I stand outside, and especially as I sleep. Did you know that in both the Old and New Testaments God’s Spirit is described as wind?  When Genesis 1:2 describes the Spirit of God “hovering over the waters”, the Hebrew word used for ‘Spirit’ […]