Concilium provides leadership, training, and guidance to individuals, churches, ministries, and NGOs, transforming the way these organizations think about and respond to the varied and ongoing challenges of mission and service.

This change is accomplished through promoting a biblical understanding of best practices in security, crisis and risk management, and member care, as well as how to think strategically about Gospel advance.


A critical aspect of risk management is the need to understand the complex conflict, terrorism, crime, and persecution issues that shape the mission field. Concilium empowers Christian expatriates, short-term travelers, and members of U.S. churches to remain nimble and resilient in the face of threats, wherever they live and minister.

Concilium has produced nearly 1,600 reports for some of the world’s largest sending and humanitarian aid agencies.


From events such as kidnappings, evacuations, and detainments, to the development of crisis management policies, procedures, and table top exercises, Concilium routinely provides crisis intervention, consultation, and the Crisis Management Foundations course to individuals, churches, missions, and humanitarian aid organizations.

Concilium invests over 1000 hours a year in crisis consultation and guidance for ministry leaders tasked with resolving organizational crises and bringing personnel out intact.


The Concilium team networks and partners with organizations around the world, as each develops their own individual and team member care best practices and policies, to provide consulting and resources including trainings, retreats, individual and team assessments and referrals, team and leadership strategy meetings, individual and peer team coaching and development, member care trainings, crisis response, and critical incident debriefings.