Vice President, International Operations

Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith is foremost a Christ follower who has endeavored to bring his gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Capability, humility, and loyalty are three words his professional colleagues and personal friends use to characterize his capabilities and character. Johnny’s dedication to discipline for the purpose of godliness is manifested through both his work and commitment to discipleship. Johnny maintains an ethos where the Gospel drives who he is and what he does.

A personal protection expert with over 30 years of local, state, and national government duties, as well as security service in the private sector, Johnny Smith has safely navigated his teams and clients through some of the most dangerous locations in the world. At the pinnacle of high level security management, Johnny is one of the most skilled professionals in his field of expertise. Known for his quiet professional demeanor and sincerity in his duties, Johnny’s former clients and co-workers are quick to tell you that Johnny’s character helps him to gain trust almost immediately.

Johnny is not only skilled practitioner, he is also a capable trainer. Johnny is constantly building and refining his expertise as he trains individuals and teams and continues to deploy on security assignments around the world. He will tell you that it is essential for the Christian protection specialist to establish a level of personal care for those he serves because the Bible teaches that love protects (1 Corinthians 13:7). Johnny will tell you that this deep sense of care is rooted first and foremost in a personal relationship with Christ–and is fleshed out through his care for a client—a level of care that is essential for the client to see and understand in order to trust his life to those who protect him.

Johnny began his career in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s in the U.S. Army Special Operations Community, conducting undercover investigative assignments and operations around the globe. He also participated in Desert Storm.

Upon leaving the military, he continued his pursuit of excellence in service and protection and worked within the law enforcement community for 12 years. Certified in multiple tactics and skills, Johnny was recognized by his department and was used as a profile for a major recruiting campaign. Johnny is also a published author and featured subject matter expert for major security magazines.

In 2006, the Lord opened a door for Johnny that tested him both professionally and personally at the highest level any security professional can find. Recruited as a contractor for the C.I.A., Johnny was trained alongside some of the best men in the world and conducted more than 27 high risk assignments around the world with this team.

From his success as a contractor, the Lord showed Johnny favor as he was recruited and further vetted into a Staff Officer position within the C.I.A. As a Special Agent/Team Leader, in “GRS”, he was put in charge of Agency security teams often with oversight and management of individual operators’ assignments. On any given day, he oversaw 80 operators as to their team assignments while also assisting personally on missions. Johnny also played a major role in orchestrating agency/government projects with his last being a project valued at more than 70 million dollars. At the end of his tour, Johnny was selected to represent GRS and seek out recruits from various American Special Operations units across America. He also mentored and evaluated candidates chosen for vetting and selection.

In 2015, Johnny felt the God calling him to leave his government career and trust in Him as he sought to serve international Christian ministries with his talents and abilities. In his work with Christian organizations, Johnny has coordinated and directed security for conferences of up to 700 participants and is sought after for travel security consultation and emergency response.

Johnny’s obedience to serve the Christian community led him to join Concilium. Johnny quickly knitted his calling with Concilium’s mission to build capacity and resilience into Gospel advance. In this work, he finds personal and professional fulfillment as he shares his lifetime of training and experience with Christian church planters, humanitarian aid workers, and those called to make disciples in the nations.

As Vice President of International Operations, Johnny specializes in overseeing the operations and growth of Concilium’s worldwide ministry and work. Johnny’s interpersonal skills have benefited Concilium as he builds relationships, rapport, and strategic partnerships with foreign leaders in the public and private sectors in support of Concilium’s global endeavors.

In Johnny’s spare time, he continues his path to excellence; a journey that he believes never ends. Although already a protection specialist, and weapons and self-defense expert, Johnny is always looking for more tools for his tool box.
Johnny also serves as a health and fitness coach as he continues to grow in his understanding and practice of the skills of the sanctified warrior; a godly man whose commitment to discipleship drives his desire to help others.

Johnny is husband to a beautiful wife who is also his best friend and a proud father. He credits his faith in Christ and love for his family as the strength behind everything he does.