As the situation continues to develop in and around Ukraine, Concilium's 24/7 Watch Center continues to provide crucial updates for both Missionaries and Expats in the region. Concilium currently has personnel in the region working with both governmental and non-governmental resources to assist in evacuation and analysis efforts. Stay connected with us on our social media for more updates.

Updates from Concilium's President


Prepare Gear

  • Shelter In Place Kits. Shelter in place kits should have been completed days ago based on contingency planning. Store all kit items in interior rooms and on lower levels as possible.

  • Go Bags. A singe bag (backpack; NOT suitcase) with necessities for up to 12 hours in an a basement or air raid shelter should be considered.

  • Charge Batteries. It is critical to keep batteries charged in mobile phone as well as radios and satellite devices. Spare lithium/ion batteries should be fully charged and kept in or near go bags. Don’t forget batteries for flashlights.

Maintain Accountability

Check in with team members in Ukraine as well as with local partners. Contact supervisors and leadership in home countries to update on your situation. Establish regular check in times to update on safety and accountability. Send check in messages with satellite devices to ensure connectivity.

Get to Safety

At this time, it is recommended that expats shelter in place. If air-raid sirens alert of attacks, get to the basement of apartment buildings. Ukraine also has air raid shelters located throughout the major cities, including its subway system.

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