Travel Safety Orientation


Global travelers, whether they are full-time domestic staff or part-time missionary volunteers, face the same threats full-time expatriates–but usually with little or no training.


Concilium’s Travel Safety Orientation (TSO) is a fun and highly interactive course that is designed to accommodate financial and time constraints but still provide students with knowledge that can help them return safely home from their mission.


This engaging one-day course is intended for adolescent or adult occasional travelers or short-term missionaries traveling domestically or abroad and is designed to build good security practices from a solid biblical foundation.

Want a TSO Course for Your Organization?

Course Modules

Understanding Theology of Risk

Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry

Identification and Mitigation of Personal Threats

Hostile Observation Awareness and Surveillance Detection

Strategies for A Positive Immigration Experience

 Interviews, Screenings, and Interrogations

(More training modules available on request)