“The Fear of The LORD is The Beginning of Knowledge, But Fools Despise Wisdom and Instruction.”

Reports and forecasts that assist mission agencies, churches, and humanitarian organizations in understanding how security incidents and trends impact presence and posture abroad and at home.


A critical aspect of risk management is the need to understand the complex terrorism, crime, conflict, and persecution issues that shape the mission field abroad and at home. From long-term overseas residency, to short-term trips, local outreach, and church gatherings, “counting the cost” of Great Commission obedience requires awareness that empowers action.

What Our Subscribers are Saying

“Concilium Insight is the only service I know of that provides security analysis and considerations for Christian workers in a single, neatly packaged product. These helpful summaries are valuable to our leaders as they weigh risks and opportunities.”

“Concilium has been a God-send for our church and mission team. In the last couple of months, they have provided valuable insights that we are using to make important decisions about long-term work in Africa and Colombia. Their recent reporting on Haiti is an important tool we are using in anticipation of a planned short-term mission to Haiti. Our missionaries in the field appreciate the reports. They feel better equipped and cared for, knowing we are staying better informed as a church.”

“Concilium Insight is a valuable and unique resource because their analysis of current events outlines their impact on those involved in Christian ministry. Though we receive numerous alerts from other sources, you provide us with an alert for people who are active in Christian ministry. There is nothing else like it.”


Concilium Insight helps Christian expatriates, short-term travelers, and members of U.S. churches to remain nimble and resilient in the face of threats, wherever they live and minister.

Concilium Insight has produced nearly 1,600 reports for some of the world’s largest sending and humanitarian aid agencies.

Multiple subscription options exist:

Leaders in sending and humanitarian organizations can sign up to receive our weekly Thursday Briefing, along with in-depth global analyses, brief updates, and alerts. Rates are flexible.

Individual Christian expatriates can choose to receive reports concerning their country of service. Rates vary by country.

Members of American churches can receive the monthly Insight Digest covering events and topics related to safety and security for local churches, local outreach ministries, and domestic and international short-term travel. Suggested payment: $35 for 1 year

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Concilium Insight has also released a paper entitled “Targeted Violence at U.S. Churches in 2019 and 2020,” examining lessons learned from more than 20 incidents and foiled plots. Click below to request a PDF copy. Suggested payment: $4