Travel Safety Orientation

A 1-day TSO course for casual travelers and short-term mission teams.

Comprehensive Awareness Security Training

A 2-day CAST course covering basic security principles and hostage survival.

CAST-Field Security Course

A 3.5-day CAST-FSC covering all of the CAST plus first aid, active shooter, and extended immersion experiences.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

A 5-day HEAT course for aid workers. Includes CAST-FSC modules contextualized for aid workers in complex humanitarian environments.

Restricted Access Complex Engagement

A 2 to 3.5-day RACE course for Gospel workers serving in restricted access locations where traditional ministry models are not viable.

Crisis Management Foundations

A 1 to 3 day course covering security crisis management.



This 1 1/2 day training is designed to equip Gospel workers serving overseas with basic medical training.  Concilium Health’s medical class covers basic first aid, travel and tropical medicine, resiliency building, and maintaining mental health while living overseas.