Medical Training for the Missionary Abroad

Concilium Health is now offering a 1 1/2-day medical course designed to equip Gospel workers serving overseas with basic medical training.

Many Gospel workers face medical challenges overseas. This can be due to a variety of factors including, remoteness of an individual’s location, lack of access to an adequately equipped medical facility, or exposure to diseases that are not typically encountered in their home country.

This course is designed for the non-medical lay person with a desire to be prepared for potential medical challenges they may be faced with while serving abroad. This course will equip Gospel workers with a basic working knowledge of First Aid, an understanding of travel and tropical medicine concerns, and provide training on resiliency and maintaining mental health during overseas living.

This course follows a holistic model by providing training that encompasses the individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for successful and healthy living abroad .Concilium Health’s goal is to provide Gospel workers with the tools they require to maintain their own physical and emotional health, allowing them to fully engage in sustainable ministry.

The instructors of this course are medical professionals with experience in overseas living.

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Course Modules

Basic First Aid: This module utilizes the nationally recognized and certified AHA Heartsaver First Aid program; training students in the principles of basic First Aid. Upon completion, students will receive a Heartsaver First Aid Course Completion Card, valid for two years. This module is taught by AHA certified instructors. During the course, how to create and properly use a First Aid kit will also be discussed.

Travel and Tropical Medicine: This module is focused on teaching the basics of travel and tropical medicine, equipping students with the knowledge needed for safely navigating the potential medical challenges associated with travel and overseas living. Topics covered include: Navigating developing nations’ healthcare systems, creating a medical contingency plan, vaccinations, dealing with febrile illnesses, managing diarrhea, rashes, and understanding periodic screenings (context specific)

Mental Health: This module prepares students for the challenges of overseas living by constructing strategies for resiliency through development of healthy coping skills, facilitating discussion of topics such as healthy families, self-care, parenting overseas, cross-cultural challenges, how to respond after a crisis, and maintaining mental/emotional health while living in high-stress environments.