Jehovah Rapha – “The God Who heals.”


The Concilium Care team networks and partners with organizations around the world, as each develops their own individual and team member care best practices and policies, to provide consulting and resources including trainings, retreats, individual and team assessments and referrals, team and leadership strategy meetings, individual and peer team coaching and development, member care trainings, crisis response, and critical incident debriefings.


Concilium Care and Concilium Secure partner to incorporate various member care trainings into security courses with the understanding that when global workers are stewarding their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health from a Biblical perspective, they can serve others with increased spiritual and situational awareness, make decisions with greater clarity and wisdom, thrive in cumulative stress environments, and have an increased capacity to recover and return from critical or stressful incidents.


The Concilium Care team facilitates leadership retreats, trainings, individual and team coaching and development, and member care in service and stewardship of the Concilium staff, contractors, and global workers that God has called to join the Concilium family.


Concilium Care and Concilium Serve partner to incorporate critical incident care, debriefings, resources, and support for those affected by or serving in complex humanitarian emergencies such as natural disasters or significant political conflict or strife.