Too often, those that carry hope into dark places become casualties of that darkness in one way or another.

From physical injuries and ongoing health issues to the mental, emotional, & spiritual challenges of cumulative stress or crises in cross-cultural and high risk environments, those that serve need preventative, sustaining, and recovery care.

The courses of Concilium Care are designed to help mission, ministry, and humanitarian aid personnel develop sustainability, resiliency, and longevity in service through training and support in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical heath.

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Course Modules

Understanding Theology of Suffering

Psychological First Aid

Mental Functioning in High Risk Environments

Sexual Harassment & Assault

Prevention & Recovery

Developing & Supporting Peer Teams

Crisis & Resilience for Families

Strengthening Marriage in High Stress Environments

Critical Incident Debriefings and Ongoing Care

Trauma Response & Care

Member Care Consultations & Support

First Aid & CPR